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A disabled object remains visible, but it assumes a semi-transparent effect. User can't interact with a disabled object, but he knows of its existence.



set the disabled of button "Destroy Everything" to true
set the disabled of menu "View" to true

Use the disabled property to find out whether a control can respond to mouse clicks or keyboard presses.

Disabled buttons are drawn with grey borders and text to indicate that they cannot be clicked. Controls whose disabled property is true do not trigger messages such as mouseUp or mouseEnter, but they can respond to messages sent with the send command. If a disabled control is on top of an enabled control, the disabled control is transparent to clicks, and clicking sends the appropriate messages to the enabled control underneath.

A disabled control cannot receive the focus.

Setting a group's disabled property sets the disabled of each control in the group.

You can set the disabled property of a menu by specifying the menu's name or number. Menu items in disabled menus are drawn in grey text and cannot be chosen.

The disabled property of an object is the logical inverse of that object's Enabled property. When the enabled is true, the disabled is false, and vice versa.

See also: send (command), menus (function), mouseUp (message), mouseEnter (message), control (object), enabled (property),