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Create a widget control of the specified kind.

Built-in Message handler[]


create [invisible] widget [controlName] as widgetKind [in group]


  • controlName - The name to call the newly created widget. If you don't specify a name, the widget is created with a default name.
  • widgetKind - The name of the module that defines the widget to be created.
  • group - A reference or an expression that evaluates to a reference to a group on the current card. If you specify a group, the new widget is a member of the group, and exists on each card that has the group. If you don't specify a group, the widget is created on the current card and appears only on that card.


create widget "My Navbar" as "com.livecode.widget.navbar"
create group "Swatches"
repeat with x = 1 to 20
	create invisible widget ("Color Swatch" && x) as "com.livecode.widget.colorswatch" in group "Swatches"
end repeat

The create widget command places the ID property of the newly created widget in the it variable.

Use the create widget command to make a new widget control or grouped widget control of kind widgetKind.

If you use the invisible form, the widget is created with its visible property set to false, so it cannot be seen. Use this form to create a hidden widget, change its appearance or position, then make it visible.

When the new widget is created, the pointer tool is automatically chosen.

Note: The extension of the specified kind must have been loaded using the load extension command. To see a list of the currently loaded extensions, use the loadedExtensions

See also: kind, visible, it, load extension, loadedExtensions