A comment is a part of the script code ignored by the LiveCode engine.

The main purpose of comments is to explain the code following the comment to other developers. See the next example:

/*This is a comment example:
The next lines are a software to send emails.
There is still a bug about attachments, may you help me?
Mario (2013/7/17) */

Comments can be made in many ways, if you put a hash mark (#) all after the hash mark is ignored:

# Hello, I'm a comment
put 5 into myVar #Hello, I'm a comment too.

you can use two dashes (--) instead a hash mark for the same purpose:

-- Hello, I'm a comment
put 5 into myVar -- Hello, I'm a comment too.

If you need to write a comment on multiple lines there is another method that makes this very efficient, enclosing your comment between /* and */, see the next example:

/* Hello, I'm a very long comment.
I don't like to put a # at the beginning of each line,
so I prefer to use this style for this comment.
Comments can be inserted before, after, or under but not in the middle of the code,*/