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If no index is given, returns a 1-based, numeric array containing all the arguments given to the command. If an index is given, returns the argument corresponding to the index (1 being the first argument).

Built-in Function handler[]


the commandArguments of <index>


local tArgs
put the commandArguments into tArgs
put the keys of tArgs
repeat for each element tArgument in the commandArguments
    if tArgument is "-v" then
       put true into tVerbose
    end if
end repeat
put commandArguments(1)

Returns a 1-based numeric array containing the commandline arguments

With no index given, the commandArguments function returns an 1-based, numeric array containing the arguments given at the launch of the application. With an index given, it returns the commandline argument at this index The list only exists on desktop standalones applications and server scripts. On mobile platform or in the IDE, the commandArguments returns empty.


  • index (integer): An integer greater than 0.If the index is greater than the number of arguments, thencommandArguments returns empty. .
  • Returns: Returns either a numeric array with all the commandline arguments if noindex is given, or the argument at the index specified.