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Lists the colors in the current color table.Syntax:

set the colorMap to <colorsList>


set the colorMap to myMap
if the colorMap is fixed then usePhotoIcons

Use the colorMap property to specify what colors LiveCode uses to draw its windows when the bit depth of the screen is 8 bits or less.

If the bit depth is greater than 8 bits, the colorMap property always reports "fixed".

The number of lines in the colorMap property is set when the application starts up, and does not change if you change color depths while running the application.

If you leave a line blank when setting the colorMap, the color corresponding to that line is left unchanged.

On Windows systems, colors 1–10 and

246–256 cannot be changed.

On Unix systems, setting the colorMap property sets the privateColors property to true.

See also: colorWorld (property),borderPixel (property),dontDither (property),privateColors (property),remapColor (property),