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Converts a Unicode codepoint to an integer.Syntax:



get codepointToNum("A")
put codepointToNum(space) is 0x20
get codepointToNum(codepoint 1 of field "data")

Use the codepointToNum function to translate a Unicode codepoint to its integer represntation.

The codepointToNum function takes a Unicode codepoint and returns its integer vaalue.

The codepointToNum function raises an exception if the argument contains multiple codepoints; it should generally be used in the form:

codepointToNum(codepoint x of string)

Codepoints that are not currently assigned to characters by the latest Unicode standard are not considered to be invalid in order to ensure compatibility with future standards.


  • unicodeCodepoint: A single Unicode codepoint
  • Returns (integer): The codepointToNum function returns an integer in the range 0x000000to 0x10FF that identifies the given character.

See also: numToNativeChar (function),normalizeText (function),numToCodepoint (function),