The code editor is one of the most important component of LiveCode, it permits you to add code to any item of your script.

Code editor

Here is the shortcuts of code editor:

  • Apply: CTRL + Return
  • Save: CTRL + S
  • Close: CTRL + W
  • Print: CTRL + P
  • Undo: CTRL + Z
  • Redo: CTRL + SHIFT + Z
  • Cut: CTRL + X
  • Copy: CTRL + C
  • Paste: CTRL + P
  • Comment: CTRL + -
  • Uncomment: CTRL + _
  • Find: CTRL + F
  • Find & Replace: CTRL + SHIFT + F
  • Find selection: CTRL + ALT + F
  • Go to line number : CTRL + L
  • Run: F5
  • Stop: SHIFT + F5

The code editor is a powerful editor, it list all functions and handlers on the list on the left.

The Find & Replace functions are amazing, discover more here: Find & Replace

On top of the editor there is a green arrow with a option menu. You can select any function or handler from the list and execute just it pressing the green arrow.

Top left there is a clock icon, prsee it to search and open recent folders.

Every time you press return on you keyboard, it rearranges code indentation. Pressing NumLoc return will close the current folder.

It automatic color the code.

If you select documentation tab from the bottom tab panel, it automatically show you the documentation of the word where the caret of the editor is. Check the "Full Documentation" check box in the bottom of the window to obtain a full description.

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