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Sent to a field when the focus is being removed from that field and the field's content has changed.


on closeField
end closeField


on closeField -- make sure the user has entered a valid date
  if the text of me is not a date then
    answer "Please enter a date."
    select text of me
  end if
end closeField

Handle the closeField message if you want to make sure a field's content is correct after it has been changed.

The selection is removed from a field (and the field loses focus) when another window is brought to the front, when the user clicks in another field, or when the user tabs out of the field. The field also loses focus when the select command is used to select text in another field. However, the closeField message is not sent when the user clicks in the same field.

The closeField message is not sent when a handler changes the field's contents using the put command.

If the lookAndFeel property is set to "Macintosh", the closeField message is generally not sent when another control (such as a button) is clicked. This is because clicked buttons do not receive the focus on Mac OS systems, and therefore the selection remains active.

The closeField message is also sent to buttons whose menuMode is "comboBox", since the type-in box in a combo box behaves like a field.

If a field is closing and its contents have not changed, the exitField message is sent instead of closeField.

See Also: focusOut Message, openField Message, exitField Message