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It's different form the singular form char.

It's used with the sort command, number function, and is among and is not among operators to designate each character as a separate portion of a string. Also used with the find command to search for a string of characters.

Synonyms: chars


get the number of chars of field "Entry"
if "A" is among the characters of the bloodTypes of me then beep
find characters "run" -- finds "run", "grunt", or "running"

Use the characters keyword to sort or select individual characters.

Use the characters keyword to know the number of characters of a text.

A character is a single letter, digit, punctuation mark, or control character. Spaces, tabs, and returns are all characters.

When used with the find command, the characters keyword finds cards that contain the specified string of characters, wherever that string appears in a word.

See also: is among, is not among, whole, string, character, lines, word, items