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Specifies whether objects are drawn from the center to the edge, or from corner to corner.Syntax:

set the centered to {true | false}


set the centered to true

Use the centered property to change the way objects are drawn when they are created with the object's tool, and to change how objects are resized.

If the centered property is set to true, when the user creates an object(glossary) by clicking and dragging with the appropriate tool, the first point clicked is the center of the object(glossary), and the user drags to an edge to complete the object(glossary).

If the centered is false, the first point clicked is a corner, and the user drags to the opposite corner to complete the object(glossary).

The centered also affects how objects are resized with the Pointer tool. If the centered is true, dragging a handle at the corner or side of an object(glossary) resizes the object(glossary) symmetrically, so its center remains in the same place. If the centered is false, dragging a corner or side moves only that corner or side.

See also: powerKeys (property),slices (property),multiple (property),gridSize (property),