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Specifies whether a control can be selected with the Pointer tool.


set the cantSelect of <object> to {true | false}


set the cantSelect of field "Background" to true

Use the cantSelect property to protect a control from being changed by the user.

If the cantSelect of a control is set to true, the user cannot select it (and so cannot resize it or move it). If a group or card has cantSelect set to true, all of its children will also act as if they have cantSelect set to true (i.e. They will also not be selectable.) You can use the effective cantSelect to determine if the object, or any of its ancestors have cantSelect set.

When the user clicks the control with the Pointer tool, LiveCode acts as though it has been clicked with the Browse tool. If the cantSelect is false, the user can click the control with the Pointer tool to select it.

A handler can still select the object, regardless of the setting of the cantSelect property.

See also: tool (function), selected (property),