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Specifies whether the user can make changes to a stack.


set the cantModify of <stack> to { true | false }


set the cantModify of stack "Help" to true

Use the cantModify property to protect the objects in a stack from changes.

If a stack's cantModify property is set to true, the user cannot choose any tool except the Browse tool. This prevents the user from moving, resizing, creating, or deleting objects.

If a stack's cantModify is false and its label property is empty, an asterisk (*) appears in the stack's title bar, indicating that the stack can be modified.

The cantModify property restricts user actions, but does not affect actions performed by a handler. To prevent either user action or a handler from deleting a card, group, or stack, use the cantDelete property.

If a modifiable stack is open in an editable window, the modifiable stack takes precedence over any non-modifiable stacks, because its mode property is lower. This means that menu items (such as Object → Stack Properties) that act on the current stack may not be able to operate correctly with a stack whose cantModify is set to true as long as another, modifiable stack is open.

See also: stacks (function), stack (object), cantDelete (property), userLevel (property), lockText (property), label (property), userModify (property), mode (property)