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Designates a single byte as part of a chunk expression.


get byte 1 of tString
put byte 12 to 14 of it into tAnswer
get the first byte to tString
repeat for each byte tByte in tString
  put numToByte(byteToNum(tByte) + 1) after newString
end repeat

Use the byte keyword to refer to a specific byte or bytes in a container.

A byte is an 8-bit unit and can only be reliably used with binary data. In UTF-8 text each char is a byte.

The hierarchy of the new and altered chunk types is as follows:

byte w of codeunit x of codepoint y of char z of word ...

See Also: character Keyword, characters Keyword, bytes Keyword, codepoint Keyword, codepoints Keyword, codeunit Keyword, codeunits Keyword