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Used with the textStyle property to specify that a chunk of text in a field has a plain box drawn around it.


set the textStyle of the selectedChunk to box

Use the box keyword to emphasize text by drawing a box around it.

Box example

Another way to use box style

The box is drawn in the object's borderColor and borderPattern.

If the text crosses more than one screen line, a box is drawn around each line of the text.

If the text has mixed styles, a separate box is drawn around each style run. For example, if three words are boxed and the last is also boldface, a box is drawn around the first two words, and another box is drawn around the boldface word.

An object or chunk of a field may have the box or threeDBox style, but not both at once.

Box3D example

See Also: borderColor Property, plain Keyword, textStyle Property, threeDBox Keyword