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Specifies the degree of transparency of an objectSyntax:

set the blendLevel of <control> to <levelNumber>


set the blendLevel of image 3 to 100
set the blendLevel of field "Test" to the blendLevel of field "Test" - 1

Use the blendLevel property to allow objects underneath an object to show through partially or completely.

If an object's blendLevel is zero, the object is fully opaque. If the blendLevel is 100, the object is fully transparent. Values between zero and 100 indicate levels of partial translucency.

  • Tip:* The blendLevel setting of a stack obeys lock and unlock screen.

In particular, if the screen is unlocked with a visual effect, the blendlevel of the stack will be interpolated between its new and old values during the action of the lifetime of the effect.

In previous versions of LiveCode setting the blendLevel of an image would automatically set the ink to blend. This no longer happens and the blendLevel applies regardless of the setting of the ink. For backwards compatibility, when a pre-2.7 stackfile is imported, all images with the blendLevel set and ink set to blend will be converted to have the ink 'blendSrcOver' and the same blendLevel setting.

Setting the blendLevel of a stack is only supported on

systems which support alpha-blended windows. This is currently MacOS X, Windows 2000 or later and Linux (with a composite window manager (such as Beryl))

See also: colorOverlay (property),innerGlow (property),ink (property),opaque (property),innerShadow (property),outerGlow (property),alphaData (property),dropShadow (property),