If a button's autoHilite property is true, clicking it changes its appearance. This provides visual feedback to the user. (The exact change in appearance depends on the style property of the button and on the current setting of the lookAndFeel property.)

The button remains highlighted while the mouse is within it and the mouse button is down. If the user moves the mouse outside the button while keeping the mouse button depressed, the button becomes unhighlighted.  If the user then moves the mouse back over the button, the button becomes highlighted again.

While the button is highlighted, its hilite property is also set to true.

If the button's style property is "checkbox" or "radioButton", clicking it turns the control on or off. If the button's style is menu, the autoHilite has no effect.

If a field's autoHilite property is true, the user can move the text selection by clicking in the field, and text selected with the select command is highlighted. If the field's autoHilite is false, user actions cannot change the selection or place the insertion point in the field by clicking, although a handler can do so with the select command and the user can do so with the arrow keys.

If a field whose listBehavior property is true also has its autoHilite property set to false, list behavior does not work for the field, and a clicked line does not highlight.