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Displays the QuickTime sound-recording settings dialog box.

Built-in Message handler[]


answer record
if the alreadyHaveSettings of this card is false then answer record

Answer record example

Use the answer record command to specify settings for use with the record sound command.

The answer record command displays a dialog box where the user can select a sound compression format, rate, sampling rate, and whether to record in mono or stereo. Depending on the compression format, other options may also be offered. (This dialog box is displayed by QuickTime, not by LiveCode.) The settings the user chooses will be used the next time the record sound command is used.

The answer record command sets the recordCompression, recordRate, recordSampleSize, and recordChannels properties in accordance with the settings chosen in the dialog box. To save the settings you choose in the dialog box and use them later without re-displaying the dialog, save the values of these properties, then restore them when you want to record sound.

If the user cancels the dialog, the result function returns "Cancel", and the recording-related properties are unchanged.

If the dontUseQT property is set to true, the answer record command cannot be used, and the result returns "could not initialize quicktime".