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Displays the appropriate page setup dialog for the platform.

Built-in Message handler[]


answer page setup [as sheet]

Answer page setup example


answer page setup
if the commandKey is down then
  answer page setup
end if

The answer page setup command displays a dialog box where the user can set certain printing page related properties.

If the systemPrintSelector property is false or the system does not support native print dialogs a stack named "Page Setup Dialog" will be used. If the systemPrintSelector property is true then a dialog will be displayed by the operating system, in this case the exact options are determined by the printer driver and the operating system.

If the user does not cancel the dialog, upon return the printer settings properties will be updated to reflect their choices.

Note: If the user clicks the cancel button of the answer page setup dialog, then "cancel" is put into the result

See Also: answer printer, answer, open printing, printMargins Property, printRotated Property, revShowPrintDialog, reset printing, print