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Specifies one or more modifier keys that must be pressed with the button shortcut key specified by the acceleratorKey property.


set the acceleratorModifiers of <button> to {empty | <keys>}


set the acceleratorModifiers of button 1 to shift
set the accelMods of button "Speak" to control,alt
set the accelMods of button it to command,shift

Use the acceleratorModifiers property, along with the acceleratorKey property, to specify a shortcut key combination for a button.

The following statements set up a shortcut for a button called "Calculate" :

   set the acceleratorKey of button "Calculate" to "C"
   set the acceleratorModifiers of button "Calculate" to alt,shift

When the user presses Alt-Shift-C (on Unix or Window systems) or Option-Shift-C (on Mac OS systems), the button's mouseUp handler is executed.

On Mac OS systems, the Control key and Command key are equivalent when used with this property. The option Key is likewise also equivalent to the Alt key.

See also: acceleratorKey (property), acceleratorText (property),