Sent to a new EPS object right after it's created.Syntax:



on newEPS -- warn the user if not supported
  if the platform is "MacOS" or the platform is "Win32" then
    answer "EPS objects are not supported on this system." with "Sorry"
  end if
end newEPS

Handle the newEPS message if you want to create additional objects, switch tools, or do other tasks when a new EPS object is created.

Normally, the newEPS message is handled at a higher level of the message path, since the newly-created EPS object does not yet have a script unless the templateEPS(keyword) contains one.

The actual creation is not triggered by the newEPS message, so trapping the message and not allowing it to pass does not prevent the EPS object from being created.

See also: pass (control structure),script (property),

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