Specifies whether the user can halt a handler with a key combination.Syntax:

set the cantAbort of <stack> to {true | false}


set the cantAbort of stack "Critical Functions" to true

Use the cantAbort property to prevent users from interrupting any of the handlers in a stack.

If a stack's cantAbort property is set to false, the user can halt a running handler in the stack by pressing Control-period or Control-break (on Windows or Unix) or Command-period (on Mac OS).

If the cantAbort is true, the user cannot interrupt a handler.

  • Warning:* Before setting a stack's cantAbort property to true,

make sure all handlers that may be affected have been thoroughly tested. If cantAbort is set to true, you cannot interrupt a runaway handler with the standard key combination.

See also: stack (object),allowInterrupts (property),

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