Specifies whether the user can halt a handler with a key combination.Syntax:

set the allowInterrupts to {true | false}


set the allowInterrupts to false
set the allowInterrupts to the hilite of button 1

Use the allowInterrrupts property to prevent users from interrupting handlers that must run to completion. For example, some handlers that change data cannot be interrupted safely, because they will leave data in an inconsistent state if interrupted.

If the allowInterrupts property is set to true, the user can halt handlers by typing Control-period or Control-break (on Windows or Unix) or Command-period (on Mac OS). Setting this property to false disables this capability and ensures that the user cannot interrupt a handler.

If the allowInterrupts property is set to false and the user attempts to interrupt the handler, the interrupt function returns true. To provide a clean exit, check this function and do any needed cleanup tasks before exiting the handler.

Setting the allowInterrupts property to false is functionally equivalent to setting the cantAbort property to true for each open stack.

  • Warning:* Before setting the allowInterrupts property to false,

make sure all handlers that may be affected have been thoroughly tested. If allowInterrupts is set to false, you cannot interrupt a runaway handler with the standard key combination.

See also: interrupt (function),stack (object),cantAbort (property),

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