Specifies a shortcut key combination for a button's mouseUp handler.


set the accel[erator]Key of <button> to {empty | <letterChar>}


set the acceleratorKey of button 1 to "a"
set the acceleratorKey of button "Switch Order" to "F8"
set the accelKey of button "Calc" to field "Key"

Use the acceleratorKey property to give users a shortcut key combination for often-used buttons, or to provide a keyboard shortcut to a button that's used as a menu item in a stack menu.

Press the key combination defined in a button's acceleratorKey property to send a mouseUp message to the button, instead of clicking.

The key(s) specified in the acceleratorModifiers property must be pressed along with the acceleratorKey.

The acceleratorKey property is case-sensitive. You must specify a lowercase letter as the letterChar; the uppercase letter is not equivalent.

If the insertion point is in a field, the keypress is sent to the field, and the button does not receive it.

On Unix systems, the key names are listed in the file "/usr/include/X11/keysymdef.h". Don't include the "XK_" prefix in these key names; for example, use "F8" for the key designated as "XK_F8" in the file.

See also: mouseUp (message), button (object), default (property), commandChar (property), acceleratorText (property),

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